Temptation of technology.

Primitive innocence.

What do I mean by primitive innocence? I mean that the further you go back in ‘time’ the more primitive life was and therefore, the more innocent it was. You do not have to go back far in ‘time’ to such as the medieval or prehistoric periods to find primitive innocence. For example, I was born in 1981 and I can tell you that even the 1980’s were relatively much more innocent than the 2010’s. This is because we had no internet or mobile phones and we still used coal fires etc, therefore, we were much more innocent in the 1980’s than we are today. For example, we had way less knowledge in the 80’s, as in we did not comprehend advanced things like Spotify and FaceTime, hence we were much more innocent. If you understand advanced things like Spotify and FaceTime you are much less innocent. The less said about it the better! Also, since the invention of the internet and social media such as Twitter the world has become filled with hate and we are therefore, much less innocent.

Technology is temptation.

Technology is temptation in that it tempts or lures us to exist in the present or future instead of the past. For example, iPads and iPhones tempt us that were born in the 1980’s to severe our connections to and disparage the 1980’s and to vehemently exist in the present and to look to the future. Technology coaxes us out of the decade of our birth, the primitive 1980’s and into the advanced and evil teens of the present 21st century.

Apple Inc. logo.

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