Recorded history ratio (H. sapiens).

Even if we just take into account anatomically modern humans (Homo sapiens) from the Middle Paleolithic, about 300-200,000 years ago. Again even though we do not know their names, memories, deeds, stories or individual characters, ‘prehistoric H. sapiens’ has been around for 300,000 years, while ‘historic H. sapiens’ has been around for a piddling 5000 years! That is literally a fraction or 1/60 or 0.01667 out of 1 or 1.667% of the length of time ‘prehistoric H. sapiens’ was around. That is a ratio of 600 : 10 or 60 : 1. Prehistoric H. sapiens constitutes 295/3% or 98.333% of our total time on earth. If 300,000 years was crammed into 24 hours, then relatively recorded history has been around since 23:36:00. We modern ‘historic H. sapiens’ sit here so high and mighty with our measly 5000 years of history and think we are so great, smug and smart for knowing exactly where we have come from for 5000 years, yet we are only fraction in the scheme of things! Relatively ‘prehistoric H. sapiens’ has been around for an extraordinarily longer time than ‘historic H. sapiens’. That is 300,000 years of memories, deeds, stories and names that we will never know about. Surely in heaven ‘prehistoric H. sapiens’ must be compensated for this total lack of knowledge and appreciation with much fame and illustriousness.

Pie chart showing how long prehistoric and historic H. sapiens have existed relatively.

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