Crime relativity.

There is no morality in advanced relativity such as E = MC² and nuclear energy etc, in fact there is even no morality in simple relativity such as T², however there is morality and even forgiveness in generic or verbal relativity. For example consider the following. Crimes and sins are relative in that for example cannibalism was relatively no issue with such as Homo antecessor because Homo antecessor was so primitive and had no infrastructure, technology or medicine etc and because Homo antecessor came from such a distant ‘time’ or epoch, therefore, killing and cannibalism were relatively less of an issue for them. However, therefore, murder and cannibalism today by such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish are so ‘relatively evil’ compared with Homo antecessor because they are out of place and in the wrong ‘time’. For example with modern serial killers and cannibals something has gone seriously wrong with ‘time’ and relativity. However, ‘time’ and relativity give us hope that there could be a cure for and absolution of such anachronistic crimes and sins. Let us pray crime relativity or relativity of evil will shed ‘light’ on these darkest areas of human existence. Again for example, we would never judge Homo antecessor for killing and cannibalism, therefore, we should bare this in mind when judging and condemning such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish, as they are only ‘relatively evil’ because they are more modern and advanced. Therefore, as will be seen, if such as Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish became, thought like or accepted that they were primitive, prehistoric or even animal, then their sins are much lighter. ‘Time’ determines that they are ‘relatively evil’, that is the only difference.

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